"CFMA has been a career changer for me.  I have made lifelong friendships and business relationships through my involvement with CFMA that have made my job easier, more productive and much more fulfilling.  There are very few organizations committed to the Construction Financial professional and none that have the openness and wealth of information and resources that CFMA has.  I cannot begin to place a value on the “return on investment” from CFMA; my time, money and resources have been returned to me and my company too many times to count."

Mike Orr
Rogers O'Brien Construction

​"The relationships I have gained and the education sessions have been invaluable to me.  Without a doubt, CFMA has helped me become a better and more well-rounded CFO."   

Charles Plumhoff

"​I have been a member of CFMA and the Dallas Chapter for a little over 15 years. I have been a member of other professional organizations such as CFMA but I have never experienced the abundance of opportunities to get quality educational material and regular industry updates from these other organizations as much as I have from CFMA. The information is spot on and useful to assist me in doing my job as CFO for the companies for which I have worked. Additionally, the forum of meeting regularly with my peers and the sharing of what works and what does not work builds upon that information with practical applications that other companies have used or discarded. Finally, the opportunity to build friendships and relationships with my peers is very stimulating and rewarding personally. "

​Eddie Corbitt
Prism Electric

"CFMA provides a great opportunity to develop friendships with other financial people in our industry.  Additionally, CFMA gives you opportunities for relevant continuing education credits, as well as fun activities."

Frank Cinatl