Effectively Managing a Workforce from Anywhere

As we have learned over the past 18 months (or so) to navigate the ways in which work is done, one thing is clear: remote work is here to stay. While businesses in many industries have gone fully remote, many in the construction industry have adapted more of a hybrid approach. Teams still need to be on the jobsite, but many back office staff can enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere. As construction businesses embrace this new normal, they may need to adjust how they manage their workforce.  

Here are some quick tips to help keep teams productive, happy, and engaged — regardless of where they are working. 

Foster a Collaborative Environment 

It is critical that teams have all the tools they need to efficiently complete their work. Essential tools include cloud-based solutions and mobile apps, which help streamline field-to-office communication and make sharing and collaboration a central part of project workflows. Incorporating these technologies can eliminate many common frustrations and help teams focus on delivering project excellence. 

When it comes to the cloud, a business doesn’t need to take an all or nothing approach. Even making small changes, such as utilizing workforce management apps, can improve business efficiency and have a great impact on day-to-day employee workloads. Mobile technologies can help teams simplify jobsite reporting, collaborate with project stakeholders in real time, manage documents electronically, provide field personnel with anytime access to financial data, and instantly provide service technicians with work order details. 

In addition to ensuring teams have the tools they need to collaborate on the job, businesses could consider ways to help keep people connected on a personal level. Many have felt isolated with less face-to-face interactions and may appreciate some social activities. Virtual or socially-distanced happy hours, coffee breaks, trivia, and other gatherings can provide great team building opportunities.  

Invest in Employees 

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and should be treated accordingly. While this is true for all industries, it is especially important in construction, which has suffered from a qualified worker shortage for years. Investing in employees by offering training and career development opportunities can help improve employee retention.  

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