CFPOTY Committee

CFPOTY Committee


Responsible for organizing and administering the annual Construction Financial Professional of the Year Awards Program.

Committee Chair

Melissa Rutledge & Zach Miller

Activities and Tasks

This committee organizes, the “CFPOTY” Awards, which is typically a dinner, held in early March of each year. 

    • Nomination & Selection Process—Coordinates with board to determine nomination criteria and selection process.

    • Printed Program:  There is a printed program for the awards event.  Content includes a list of committee chairs and members, and profiles on the winners are included.

    • Sponsorships:  Committee also sells sponsorships to subsidize the event.  Traditionally, the goal has been to cover costs but not necessarily to generate a substantial profit. 

    • Venue Selection:  The venue selection must be made several months in advance.  Traditionally the event has been held at the Las Colinas Country Club.

    • Time Line:  The committee has a time line chart that backs up from the day of the event with deadlines for each part of the planning process such as the invitation design and printing, program production, including ad sales and winner selection and script writing.

    • Program Content:  Chair gets input from President on program content outside of award presentation.  Typically, a committee member will emcee the event, a script is prepared and timed to ensure every participant and winner is well prepared.

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