Membership Committee

Membership Committee


Responsible for retaining and developing new members. This committee reviews membership and develops plans to increase and retain membership. This committee meets as needed.

Committee Chair

Kerry Fitzgerald

Committee Goals

To promote membership and involvement in CFMA by and through (1) Identifying & recruiting candidates for membership; (2) Educating the local construction industry on the benefits of membership; and (3) Assisting existing members in becoming active participants in the organization.

Activities and Tasks

Identifying and Recruiting Prospective Members

The committee identifies prospective members and includes them in our database of potential members. The committee obtains names and addresses of guests at meetings and contacts them via email and phone call after the meeting or event and welcomes them to future events. In addition, the committee identifies companies currently not involved in the organization and contacts them through written correspondence or via telephone to inform them of the benefits of CFMA and to welcome them to upcoming events. Coordinates with Chapter Administrator to ensure that membership database is up to date.

Promoting CFMA at Industry Events

The committee promotes CFMA at local industry events such as trade shows and meetings with other industry organizations. At these events, when possible, CFMA provides written materials regarding its programs and benefits. In addition, when possible, representatives from our local chapter will participate in these events, promoting CFMA through presentations and direct communication with potential members and others in the industry. 

Member Retention

In addition, once a year, the membership committee holds a retention campaign in which we contact members who have not renewed their membership to remind them to do so. During this campaign, we also reach out to prospective members. 

Integrate New Members Into The Organization

The committee contacts new members and welcomes them into the organization. In addition, the committee invites new members to upcoming events and facilitates interaction with other current members.


Answers Inquiries Regarding Membership

The committee responds to inquiries raised by members and non-members regarding membership benefits. 

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